5 common diet myths - busted



Are you the one who has just begun with your weight loss journey? There’s no denial to the fact that everyone wants to look fresh and flaunt a perfect figure. Well, then I can relate to how challenging everything must be for you! You’ve gone on a strict diet, workout spree, turned your back on your favorite snacks and tried everything possible in an endeavor to quickly shed those extra kilos.
But hold on, losing that weight means smart choices, constant effort and tons of patience. Maintaining a healthy weight is a key consideration for good health. However, when many of us try to drop a few pounds we go about it the wrong way. Remember, what you eat has a direct effect on how you look. It is the food you eat which can help you achieve the perfect body. Food serves two important purposes: to nourish and provide us with energy and to bring us pleasure.

Dietitian Shweta Bansal has listed some of the most common yet easily ignored diet myths that a lot of people swear by. Take note & make sure you don’t fall for any of these.
Myth 1: Skipping meals is a key to weight loss
Fact: Are you starving yourself believing that you will lose your weight faster? Think again. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down. Skipping meals will lead to nutrient deficiency, hair loss, dull face which will not be good to your health. Skipping meals results in consuming more calories, as one tends to eat more at the next meal. Instead focus on balanced diet and wholesome meals.
Myth2: Excess of carbs can lead to weight gain
Fact: Carbs have gained a bad reputation when it comes to fitness. Lets break the biggest myth that carbohydrates are bad. Carbohydrates are essential for the body and they are main source of energy. We need to make sure that we consume right type of carbs. If you choose simple carbs like refined flour in the form of biscuits, breads, maida, sugar , they will definitely lead to gain weight. Focus more on complex carbs like whole grains, whole pulses, high fiber fruits and veggies.
Myth3: Cut back on fats…Fat makes you fat
Fact: Fats are an important part of your daily nutrition. Fat is a macronutrient which is required for several functions in the human body. Cutting off fats from your diet can result in brittle nails, dull skin, rapid ageing, etc. Your body needs fat for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Make sure to add good fats to your diet like nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs etc. Avoid bad fats in the form of refined oils, trans fats.
Myth4: I can eat whatever I want If I am doing regular exercise.
Fact: You just simply cannot out-exercise a poor diet. You can’t fuel your body with junk and expect it to perform. Just like you wouldn’t expect your car to run without proper fuel, you can’t expect your body to perform with junky fuel. It’s essential to both work out and eat right for successful weight-loss and to maintain good health.
Myth5: Crash diets and fad diets are healthy to lose fast
Fact: Do you follow a fad diet? Do you feel a fad diet will give you permanent weight loss? These diets may provide short-term results, but they are difficult to sustain and, ultimately, they deprive you of the essential nutrients that only balanced eating can offer. Focus on healthy weight loss instead of going on fad diets.
Final verdict:
Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and fresh food while adding some physical activities in your life to stay on a healthy track. Remember, what your body goes through reflects on your face.

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